February 15, 2007

Breaking! Thousands of Students Block CA Highway!

This is a breaking story, so I'll keep it short. As part of the national day of student strikes called for February 15, 3000 students stook part in a mass rally against the war at the University of California at Santa Barbara! As blogged by a UCSB student on DailyKos:

After about an hour of speeches, including one by a US Marine who initially supported but has now turned against the war, the organizers decided we should go walk across campus to give the people who didn’t ditch a chance to change their minds and join us. The line stretched for a half a mile, at least, all along the bike path, almost all students, as we chanted slogans like PEACE NOW and AINT NO POWER LIKE THE POWER OF PEOPLE CAUSE THE POWER OF PEOPLE DON’T STOP (say whaaaat?)

A rumor began that the students were going to take nearby CA Highway 217. At 2:34, thousands of them did, marching half a mile before they hit a hastily improvised CHiPs roadblock. Hundreds sat down on the highway and held it for hours.

Let the student, nom du blog VoteHarder, have the last word:

I’ve never been so proud of my university and my generation. We are against the war in Iraq and we’re not willing to go by silently as men, women and children are killed in our name. END THIS WAR NOW. And no, NOT a pansy-ass resolution. Resolutions don’t stop casualties and suicide bombings. CUT THE FUCKING FUNDING.


Phalcon said...

About time!

It is obvious that neither Bush, the Republicans, nor the Democrats have any real intention to end the war.

This is why the March on the Pentagon is so important.

See the write-up on the Pentagon March, as well as the reports from this website on the UCSB protests:


Anonymous said...

Pansy-ass? The story was great until that undermined it.

Jimmy Higgins said...

I agree. I thought of censoring it when I quoted him, but I figured he'll be catching plenty stick from people who know him and he should. For us, it pays to be reminded every now and then that folks coming forward in the struggle can still have backward ideas...