March 16, 2007

URGENT--Anti-War Protest Today

[Crossposted at DailyKos]

The anti-war movement has called a massive emergency protest today, March 17 (in addition to the hundreds of activities already scheduled), featuring new symbolism and direct action.

In solidarity with the Iraqi victims of this horrific occupation, we call on all who oppose the war to wear something green, the color of Islam, today.

And to demonstrate in the clearest possible terms our utter disgust with the repellent crimes of the Bush administration, we call on thousands of self-sacrificing volunteers, starting in the morning hours and continuing until after midnight, to vomit on the streets and sidewalks of our major urban centers. Copiously. Young people have much to offer here, drowning the myth of their apathy as they do.

Please check in with reports on your local initiatives...

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