May 31, 2007

What's Your Favorite Non-US HipHop?

This is sort of a follow on to my previous post, "Tunes for Tron." That'n featured the cream of Norway's rap crop, Gatas Parlament. This time, as a courtesy to the native English speakers (overwhemingly monolingual, alas) who make up the usual majority of visitors at this blog, I am posting another nifty non-US rap video. This one is by Glaswegian favorites Steg G & The Freestyle Master. It's called "Schemes" which is the British Isles equivalent of "Projects," and the ones in Glasgow don't look any more appetizing than the ones in the Boogie Down that incubated hiphop originally, back in the day...

Now, dear reader, howzabout you check in with a plug for your own favorite unAmerican rap of the moment--keep it in the 21st century, 'kay?


Anonymous said...

Scottish rap! I had no idea.

My own favorite Unamericans would have to be Orishas from Cuba. Even monolinguals should be able to enjoy a video like this:

Orishas: ¿Qué pasa?

Magnus said...

UnAmerican? They could be from the USA as well, right?

Ok, so let's have some Scandinavian hiphop.

Looptroop - this is the group Promoe was (is?) a part of:
Don't hate the player:

A more political tracK
Fort Europa:

Here is a solo track from Promoe about graffiti, great video:

Some less political Swedish hiphop:
Ken Ring: Grabbarna från förorten (förorten - suburbs, but not like suburbia, you know...)

Petter: Så klart

Some from Norway:
TP allstars: Takin' Ova
(Tommy Tee was on the Red Electional Alliance ticket last election)

Graff Kill (too old, but one of the best tracks out of Norway ever)

More political Norwegian acts:
Take it back - you'll see most Norwegian rappers in the video:

Don Martin - the video they tried to ban for "disgraceful political behaviour" against the US

Karpe Diem: Fjern deg

Magnus said...

I suddenly remembered this post when I heard Sami rap sensation Duolva Duottar:

I can't understand anything except for this part in Norwegian from the song "Finnmark":
"If you go far, far north you can get to the place where the Sami live,
where the reindeer run around.
you shake your head and can't understand a thing.
The kofte [traditional clothes] we wear can handle all sorts of weather, you see the neighbour watch his house with an automatic rifle.
Where people pay their way with booze and cigarettes.
It's no mistake, you've come to Finnmark."

"Har du tadd veien langt, langt nord, kan du komme til plassen der saman bor
der kor reinsdyran løper omkring.
Du rister på hodet og skjønner ingenting.
Kofta vi har på, tåler all slags vær.
Du ser naboen vokter huset sitt med maskingevær.
Der folk betaler med sprit og tobakk.
Du kan ikke ta feil, du er kommet til Finnmark."

Magnus said...

Here's another one, I couldn't find any full length tracks online, but Amoc raps in Inari Sami, a language spoken by max. 400 people.
Snippets here:

Article in English:

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