July 23, 2007

New Yorkers--Benefit Gig for Iraq Moratorium!

DJ D spins for the Iraq Moratorium!

DJ D has a resident gig every other Thursday at the venerable Williamsburg institution, Teddy’s Bar & Grill, and on August 2, he will be running it as a fundraiser for the Iraq Moratorium. The Iraq Moratorium is a vitally important initiative to manifest and focus the growing majority anti-war sentiment among the American people with locally-based activities on the Third Friday of every month, beginning on September 21. Check out the website at Iraqmoratorium.org.

Thursday, August 2, 8 PM to midnight (or so)

Teddy’s Bar & Grill
Corner of Berry and North 8th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(L train to Bedford Avenue)

Admission is free. Teddy’s management will donate a portion of the night’s take to the Iraq Moratorium. So contribute by dining from Teddy’s worthy menu and by drinking freely. And bring some spare cash--donations will be solicited.

In honor of the event, and to draw out folks unimpressed by mere great deejaying, DJ D promises a heavily political set:

  • Hum along to Christian pacifist Bruce Cockburn’s “If I Had a Rocket Launcher”
  • Discover Lula Belle & Scotty’s hillbilly rant “I’m No Communist”
  • Hear the two best songs of the Vietnam War era (one by crooner BJ Thomas!)
  • And for the first time in any NYC club in 30 years, easy, thrill to the Black Panther Party’s house band, the Lumpen, singing “Free Bobby Now!”

Note: the term “political” is very loosely defined—there’ll be songs about sex, drinking, shoes, working, hooking up at demonstrations, getting old, school, and major strikes as an occasion for cheating.

Plus plenty more. Ya can’t beat it with a stick. And if you are unable to attend, please consider making a direct tax-deductible donation to the Iraq Moratorium at the website.


If you're coming to the gig, suggests DJ D, right here and now might be a good time to make requests--just hit the comments button at the bottom of this post. (Thanks to ey, who came up with some good suggestions.)

And, as a sneak peek--or, rather, listen--here's the video of the excellent Bruce Cockburn tune plugged in the announcement:

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Anonymous said...

Given the current weather pattern we're trapped in, how 'bout some Martha and the Vandellas?