September 1, 2007

A New One On Me

Maybe I'm just late to the picnic again, but here's a tune I found last night by one of this country's best songwriters, Tom Russell. I wanted to pair it up with another tune by an Anglo living in Aztlan, James McMurtry's "Safe Side," but I couldn't find it on YouTube.


Shoulda thought to look for this cut by Molotov. I've had the tune, "Frijolero," for a while but now find out it's got a cool video too. (Note to impatient Anglo types: it is bilingual, don't check out after 30 seconds.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy, thanks for posting both Tom Russell's "Who's Gonna Bild Your Wall?" and Molotov's "Frijolero." They actually both moved me to tears (the visual imagery in "Who's Gonna Bild Your Wall?" was stunning).

Much of the cartoon allusion in "Frijolero" was lost on me, either a cultural thing or a generational problem. But, nonetheless, two powerful videos!

Jimmy Higgins said...

Glad you liked 'em, Rahim. The Russell video is not, I think, an "official" video but one cobbled together by a fan from the song and David Burckhalter's fine photography. There are a couple of live performances of the tune up on YouTube as well, if you search under his name or the song title.

The Molotov video is, on the other hand, the canonical one, but YouTube is full of anime mashups done by fans, as well as some nifty live versions demonstrating conclusively that audiences in both Mexico City and Houston know all the words--the English ones and the Spanish ones.