November 20, 2007

Jay-Z and the Doom of the Dollar

Watch this video, and get a long look into the abyss into which The World's Only Superpower(TM) is sinking.

You're not looking at the sucker as a work of art--I mean, "Blue Magic" is perfectly adequate late Jay-Z. He doesn't quite phone it in, but he's lost a few mph off the old fastball, for sure.

What you're looking at is the future, and you're looking at it in the form of the latest cutting edge status symbol for rappers who've made the big time (and soon, no doubt, for wannabes). Forget the Bentley and the champagne, watch Jay-Z in nighttime New York as he riffles through a sheaf of bills, not hundred dollar bills, but...Euros. Peep his briefcase full of stacks of...Euros.

Most of us haven't been bitten in the ass by the weak dollar--yet. But it's coming--higher prices on imported goods, interest rates jacked up to keep central banks and investors in other countries buying US paper, US firms being snatched up by capitalists from Europe, OPEC countries, China.

The United Arab Emirates shifting out of the dollar and into Euros, that's news. But when Hiphop Nation ditches the Yankee Dollar out for the Euro, now that's a sign.

'Cause it's all about the rococo.


Magnus said...

You know, if someone is plannin a trip across the Atlantic these days, they should stock up on consumer goods like Playstation 3 - it's almost half the price in the US compared to Norway, to take an example close to my heart.

blackstone said...

that's def something to make note of. wasn't venzuela and iran recently wailing at an opec summit about the value of the US dollar?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy, btw.

Orval Faubus -- the governor of Arkansas who used the national guard to keep the Little Rock 9 out of Central High, instead of protecting them -- well, get this.

Faubus' father was an old socialist. He used to write letters to the newspaper criticizing the governor -- under the name Jimmy Higgins!


Bill Haywood