March 1, 2009

Singing, Again, for John Brown

With this fall marking the 150th anniversary of the raid on Harpers Ferry, I find my mind turning often to John Brown. And today I am pleased to be able to do something about it.

Regulars here know that I am pretty serious about music (not that the music itself is necessarily serious) and may even recall that I posted three pieces on music about John Brown last year here, here and here.

I now add a new song by my friend David Rovics. It is called "Beecher's Bibles" after the Sharps rifles John Brown's band carried in the war to keep slavery out of Kansas and, in fact, at Harper's Ferry.

As you can see, David knocked this video out by pointing a camcorder at himself in his living room. I hope to see him do it live sometime soon.

And partial though I am to this song, I am compelled to steer you, dear reader, to David's MySpace page and encourage you in the strongest possible terms to click in the right hand column to listen to "The Village Where Nothing Happened." Listen, and think about what 17,000 new troops and a Presidential pledge of 'victory" will mean in Afghanistan.

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