October 10, 2010

Justice for Fritz Louissaint — Oppose state-sponsored terror in Rahway, NJ

Update!!! October 11 Update!!!
James Carey, Chairman of the Elizabeth, NJ Branch of the People's Organization for Progress announced last night a "Massive Rally/Protest in front of the Rahway Police Department for Fritz Louissaint, the unarmed elderly man who was shot by two rogue police officers April 16th 2010 at the Kings Inn Motel after they fabricated a story indicating Fritz attacked them with several knives, a story that eyewitnesses strongly refute…"

The time and date of this rally will be Saturday, October 16th 2010 at 12 noon, and the location is 1 City Hall Plaza (see map), Rahway, NJ. Please join POP, our Elizabeth Branch and justice-minded people  and come to Rahway on Saturday…

At the Thursday, September 30 General Assembly Meeting of the People's Organization for Progress, the Chairman of the Elizabeth Branch of POP informed the meeting about this heinous case of police brutality in Rahway. He hopes to follow up with mass action. Check Fire on the Mountain for updates on these plans in the next few days…

On April 16, 2010 an unarmed Haitian-American man was shot at point-blank range by officers of the Rahway Police Department. Three of the five bullets hit Mr. Fritz Louissaint in the chest.

While that number of shots to the chest would normally make this a post-mortem campaign for justice, in this case Mr. Louissaint and his family are fortunate, though he presently languishes in jail, charged with a crime he could not have committed.

The Rahway cops maintain that they were justified in using deadly force because Fritz Louissaint supposedly attacked them with a machete-like knife. This account was strongly refuted by eyewitnesses accounts of the incident.

Rahway's Mayor James Kennedy went public claiming, "I saw the videotape of the whole incident that was captured on the police cruiser's camera showing Mr. Louissaint yielding a knife." Five months later, however, the police department and the prosecutor's office haven't produced this so-called smoking-gun evidence.

Mayor Kennedy prejudiced himself and irrevocably impaired the impartiality of any potential grand jury with his comments.

The Justice for Fritz Louissaint Campaign encouraged everyone who stands for liberty & justice to write letters or telephone New Jersey's U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman and request that the Justice Department intervene and conduct its own investigation into Louis Louissaint's case…

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman
Newark U.S. Attorney's Office
970 Broad Street, 7th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone (973) 645-2700
Fax (973) 645-2702


A.Bondi said...

Rah, thanks for keeping this incident on the front-burner and updating Fire on the Mountain with brother Carey's announcement

Rahim on the Docks said...

A special thanks to People's Organization for Progress Corresponding Secretary, Ingrid Hill. Ms. Hill is also one of POP's most dedicated videographer and photographers, keeping the historic record of the struggle against racism and police brutality accurate and up-to-date.

Our sister Ingrid has posted a page of photos from last Saturday's picket line in Rahway. See Rally for Fritz Louissaint to view these.

Anonymous said...

On March 29 2023 Rahway police attached me arrested me after a person slammed into my car they knew the driver I think he was a illegal I tried to stop him from leaving the scene but they let him go then arrested me for no reason and shachkled me and touched me for hours I am disabled and they don't care
Perfectly hurt my back Rahway police are animals and should be shut down and the mayer is a a hole