February 13, 2011

Official Slogans for Comrade Valentine's Day, 2011!!

As we celebrate one of the great holidays of the international working class, Comrade Valentine's Day, it is indeed heartening to see the the Official Slogans for the 2011 observance have been released by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/OrganizaciĆ³n Socialista del Camino para la Libertad.

As in previous years, Freedom Road has commendably undertaken to give scientific guidance to comrades celebrating this great day, taking into account the exact conjuncture of the class struggle at the present time. [Directly after the 2011 Official Slogans, reposted immediately below, Fire on the Mountain directs the attention of all dedicated proletarian revolutionaries to previous years' Official Slogans, with links, to permit study and memorization. (Ultra-leftists and sectarians will, of course, seek to parse and nitpick them.)]

Official Slogans for Comrade Valentine's Day, 2011

Workers And Oppressed People Of Every Nation!

1. Eternal Glory To Comrade Valentine And His Wise Teachings!

2. History's Dustbin Awaits The Haters, Homophobes And Hypocrites Who Would Deny Love To Any Of The Toiling Masses, And The Entire System Of Exploitation In Which They Flourish!!

3. To Celebrate The Revolutionary Romantic Spirit Of Comrade Valentine Is To Uphold Those Who Exemplify It, Like Oula Abdul Hamid And Ahmad Zaafan, Married In Tahrir Square Among The Comrades Who Courageously Defended It!!!

The 2010 Comrade Valentine's Day slogans can also be found on the FRSO/OSCL website.

The Official Slogans for 2009 appeared here at Fire on the Mountain.

The 2008 Official Slogans appear on the FRSO/OSCL website.

The 2007 Comrade Valentine's Day slogans are archived here at FotM, and in the comments thread on that post,and so are the 2006 and 2005 Official Slogans.

The 2004 Official Slogans, thought lost, have been retrieved by Comrade Google as they were preserved by the far-sighted Scott McLemee. Here they are:

Workers and Oppressed People, Unite to Make Comrade Valentine's Day a Joyous Holiday of Proletarian Class Love and Militant Struggle!

Decisively Defeat the Sinister Schemes of the Bush/Cheney Gangster Clique to Thwart the Romantic Aspirations of the L/G/B/T/Q masses!

Eternal Glory to Comrade Valentine!
Secondary sources--the legendary Leftist Trainspotters listserv--indicate that Comrade Valentine's Day Official Slogans were also released in 2002 and 2003 Further archival work will, it is to be hoped, make them accessible to future generations of proletarian fighters.

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