August 30, 2007

3 Out of 18

That's how many of the "benchmarks" set by Bush & Co. for the Iraqi government to meet by now have actually been met, according to a leaked report from the Government Accounting Office.

That's a batting average of .167.


Anonymous said...

Batting Average is a weird statistic. It's as much a reflection of the team you're playing against as it is of your own hitting ability.

In the 2001 World Series, the NY Yankees were seriously out-played by the Arizona Diamondbacks when they averaged the lowest-ever BA in a seven or eight-game World Series (.183).

Clearly, the "best military in the world" is being out-classed by the Iraqi insurgency. Any lessons here?

Anonymous said...

So... is this Iraq Moratorium thing gonna jump off in a few weeks or is it another empty call for "local actions everywhere"?

Are there any meetings or public forums scheduled in the New York area? I have not seen anything about it other then the website and some emails.

Anonymous said...

Hey, extending Jimmy and Mitch's sports metaphor in reference to the brass' handling of defeat, can anyone say "Bush League"?

Anonymous said...

And the benchmarks that were met were trivial, according to Juan Cole, 8/31/07.

Jimmy Higgins said...

Trivial in every sense. Even the "benchmark" the administration most wants, a new Hydrocarbon Law giving effective control of Iraq's oil production and reserves to US-based oil companies, is meaningless. If something passed, they couldn't do anything with it while the war is raging, and the first post-occupation government will shitcan it anyhow.

And, on the subject of this post, mspicata over at DailyKos points out that .167 is below the Mendoza line (hey, that's what Wikipedia is for).