April 30, 2008

Two Red Blogs, Revived!

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A big fat FotM "Welcome back!" to two revered figures from the Red blogosphere. In truth, it's not that they were absent, exactly, but behind the scenes in other guises, working on other projects.

So hit that bookmarks folder and links list, y'all and add these to your favorites:

HegemoniK--Daniel Tasripin joins the trend toward real names on the internet--with a new blog and a fetching photo to boot. Back in the old days (2006-7) he was thought to be Modern Pitung at All Out For The Fight (and in comment columns far and wide). Without asking Daniel, I suspect doing a lot of work for the new SDS via FaceBook over the last year or so made this a logical step.

And I have to say HegemoniK is Right On Time, as we used to say. Though the blog will doubtless be returning to its declared SDS focus, in the last week Daniel has been all over the Sean Bell verdict with a series of angry, pointed posts. Check 'em out!

celticfire--Celticfire was an early fixture on the scene and morphed around New Year's '07 into a site called Portland Maoist, which vanished not long thereafter. Well, he's back, celticfire again, at a new url with no fanfare whatsoever and only two new posts (along with worthy earlier material).

And I don't have to guess at the reason for the more subdued approach. Under the "About" heading he makes a telling point:
I believe blogging is only an expression of radical and revolutionary activism - it is not a replacement for genuine mass work.
Something I'd better try and keep in mind as well.

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