April 3, 2008

Soldier Peeks Behind the Scenes in Kuwait

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[Another note from Jeri Reed, who wrote the powerful piece on the anti-war struggle I posted here only two days ago. This one introduces a new video by a friend of hers, a young IVAW member just Stop-Lossed from Ft. Hood to the Big Sandbox, who gives us a look behind the scenes at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, en route.]

Casey J. Porter posted a new video online today, The Staging Game. At first I thought, maybe I have sent out too many emails--until I watched it. You have to see the end of this one, when he visits the Harley dealer at his camp in Kuwait. I have spent many hours with such tools as maps and Google Earth, trying to envision what these bases are like, and never really understood until I watched this. A powerful message to soldiers on their first deployment who just don't get what the game is all about yet. Of course, Casey is no longer at this camp/shopping mall in Kuwait, but in the middle of Iraq, in an area with a lot of rocketing and mortaring and US air strikes, so think of him while you are watching.

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