August 31, 2012

'60s Lefties--Did You Sing This?

I found this in part of my ongoing tighten-up of my archives in an old file labelled, prosaically, "songs."

The thing is, I actually remember singing this, around 1971. Trust me, even then it was a little odd, but kind of in the spirit of the Weather songbook. I think a woman I knew then named Claire had a hand in writing it, but I am not sure.

So the question is, Old Bolsheviks: Is this new to you or did it get around beyond NYC? (And if so, how does it compare with your version?)


I'd like to teach the world to speak in perfect Mandarin,
with Uncle Ho and Chairman Mao, Fidel and Madame Binh

I'd like to see the victory of every people's war
I' d like to see the Third World win and even up the score

I'd like to teach the white kids here that there is really hope
if they would only learn to fight instead of blowing dope.

I'd like to see my sisters dig that people's war is right,
'cause people's war is women's war when women lead the fight.

I'd liike to see the prisoners demand to be set free
(be) implemented in the streets by folks like you and me.

I'd like to see this country shake, from the west coast to the east;
I'd like to make some trouble in the belly of the beast.

Note 1: That's an exact copy of the text on the sheet. Missing is the chorus:

Revolution (pause) It's The Real Thing

Note 2: For some reason I honestly didn't remember that third verse being there.

Note 3: Hardasses would substitute Enver for Fidel

Note 4. For those of us in our reclining years, the original is instantly identifiable. It's what Dave Berry calls brain sludge and it won't go away until we die. Do the young'ns reading this know this tune, or should I embed a video?

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