June 21, 2007

Dion, Paris Hilton, and Rock and Rap Confidential

"Paris Hilton? Ol' Jimmy's done taken leave of his senses entire. What little he had left."

Don't lie, I know that's what you're thinking.

Could be, but you're not gonna prove it with this post. I recently got an appeal from the splendid folks at Rock & Rap Confidential, a progressive music publication (started in the early '80s by Dave Marsh and his posse as Rock & Roll Confidential). They wanted me to hustle folks to subscribe--but let them explain in their own words:

Rock & Rap Confidential, the only publication ever recommended by Rage Against the Machine, is now available free of charge via email. To subscribe, just send the email address you wish to receive it at to:

RRC is the only publication that reviews and promotes every type of music.

RRC, the first to oppose Tipper Gore and the music censors, remains in the forefront in the fight for musical freedom of expression.

RRC is always giving answers to the question: Just exactly why do we need the music industry?

RRC regularly challenges Bono on his bullshit.

Trust me. This is a publication you want to read. And the sucker's free. What are you waiting for?

Okay. To convince those unwilling to take my word for it, I was going to reprint their insightful obituary of James Brown, continuing the JB coverage that started here after his death.

I may still do that sometime soon, but I'm going with another piece of evidence. Just an hour ago I got an email from RRC's list for occasional forwards (and you definitely want to sign up for that too). It hipped me to a brand new YouTube offering, in which Dion--Dion DiMucci, Dion & The Belmonts, that Dion--unveils a new love song he's just written to Paris Hilton. No audible snark, no innuendo. Just a true love song in the old style. And the combination of that lyrical straightforwardness combined with the horrific media-saturated mess that is Ms. Hilton is what gives this song its power.

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