November 4, 2010

Justice for Fritz Louissaint — Police violence in Rahway, NJ

This week our brother James Carey, Chairman of the Elizabeth branch of the People's Organization for Progress, contacted Fire on the Mountain to inform us that the People's Organization for Progress, will host a rally/march for Fritz Louissaint the mentally disturbed Haitian man who was shot 5 times at close range by Rahway Police Officers Sgt. Anthony DeCarlo and Edward O'Donnell.

Miraculously, Fritz survived the attempt on his life however, he's languishing in the Union County Jail for a crime he didn't commit. Police assert they were justified in using excessive force because Fritz Louissaint attacked them with a harpoon knife, an account that eyewitnesses strongly refute because he was holding a fishing pole handle.
Rahway's Mayor James Kennedy fabricated the story when he said quote: "I saw the videotape of the whole incident that was captured on the police cruisers video cam showing Mr. Louissaint with his hand over his head like in the movie Psycho, then he attacked the police." According to eyewitnesses, the police encountered Fritz in the courtyard of the motel, demanded that he put the fishing handle down and he complied.
Once Fritz began raising his arms in the air, they began shooting... it would be scientifically impossible for the incident to be captured on video cam because the police vehicles were facing North and Fritz was shot in the rear of the vehicles which would be (South.)

James note that if there's a videotape available it would totally exonerate Fritz Louissaint. Mayor Kennedy prejudiced himself and influenced the potential grand jury that would've been sequestered when he made that statement, therefore in the mines of everyone Fritz Louissaint is presumed guilty. Despite request from the ACLU of NJ, the Rahway Police have yet to relinquish the tape.

We encourage everyone to join us as we rally/march to demand justice for Fritz Louissaint. 
  Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010
Time: 12:00pm (Noon)
Place: Rahway Police Department, 1 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ
For additional information, 
call NJ State POP Chairman Larry Hamm 
(973) 801-0001

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