January 21, 2008

And It Just Keeps Getting Better...

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Heh! Some sharp video cut 'n' paste, no?

And all just to underline the point that we here here at Fire on the Mountain don't just promise change, we deliver.

Since Modern Pitung came aboard and started posting just two days ago, we have added yet another new compa to the Contributors roll, Rahim on the Docks, who had contributed greatly to FotM's earlier stories about Black and labor struggles in Northern Jersey.

We have also signed on to the Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus, whose scrolling (and growing) list of members is in our right hand column under its own little widget logo. Check out their (our) home page for more info, and consider signing up your own blog too, if you have one.

Finally, you may not have noticed, but we have a new logo. Seems Modern Pitung's folks didn't throw out that 10th birthday woodburning kit after all.

And more ch-ch-ch-changes are in the works. Keep your eyes open. And feel free to comment and make suggestions below!

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