January 19, 2008

Did I hear somebody say my name?

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Thank you, Mr. Higgins, for the warm introduction.

I'm happy to be a part of Fire on the Mountain. By way of explanation to the readers, I joined FotM mainly because I wanted to remain in this blogging thing, while not having the hassle of being All Out for the Fight's main (read: only) blogger. All Out is being put on ice, but I hope to port some of the lessons learned from the experience there to FotM.

You may notice that there's a few cosmetic changes afoot. Since Fire on the Mountain can be rather wordy, it's become necessary to have posts "fold" or "expand" so posts don't take up too much space. So here is an example:Voila! So you see, we can now devote ourselves to the at length discussions of politics and culture that you've come to expect, without the clutter we once had.

(Incidentally, big ups to Dummies Guide to Blogger Beta for the instructions on this useful hack.)

Also, you've probably have seen the little icons at the top of the page. Those are for social bookmarking services (growing increasingly common). Click one of 'em, and they'll let you bookmark and share links to Fire on the Mountain with your friends and comrades. Because we're nothing if not ambitious about the necessity of spreading the good word -- ain't that right?

1 comment:

ShineThePath said...

Modern Pitung has some sense of humor.

Hoping to see more posts from Comrade Pitung in the future. Our blog as well is putting up some new material, hopefully we will get around to "lively" category.