January 19, 2008

There'll Be Some Changes Made

A little late for New Year's resolutions, I know, but there was Iraq Moratorium Day #5 to get out of the way. So starting now, you may notice some changes leaking into the venerable institution that is Fire on the Mountain.

For starters, check out the contributor's column! Added to the honor roll is the excellent Modern Pitung of All Out For The Fight fame. Check out his earlier contributions here.
Another worth noting is the rearrangement of the blog links listed toward the bottom of the right hand column. The old list had sat there for a year, and will still reflect the political blogs I personally favor. Some new ones have been added but the main thing is the reclassification, arrived at in a conversation with the Bronx Bolshevik a couple days ago. From the top, you'll find Active Duty--those which most frequently post new stuff; and In There Stroking--blogs with ups and downs, but new content often enough to call for a frequent look-see; Slugs and No Vital Signs--both self-explanatory.

I hope those who wound up in the last two categories will take this as a poke of encouragement, not a sneer. I miss your stuff, folks, and hope you will keep up the good work. I know it's hard to pump out content into what too often can seem like a vacuum, I know the struggle places demands on us that must take priority over posting on a blog, I know that sometimes folks find it more productive to contribute to active threads on others' blogs, I know that some former bloggers have kinda relocated to MySpace or FaceBook. Doesn't mean I don't miss you...

And keep your eyes open. More changes are coming. (Oh, yeah. At the top, that's the Hot Club of Cowtown.)

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