June 11, 2008

Two New Formulations for the Information Age

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Actually, that title is shorthand, or maybe just cheating. Both expressions might more accurately be identified as older concepts updated or amended.

1. From your keyboard to God’s inbox.

An update of “From your lips to God’s ear,” the English variant of the old Yiddish: “Fun dayn moyl, in Gots oyer.” Think “May it be so.”

2. Information wants to be free. Also, it gets lonely if nobody drops by.

At its heart, this is a subliminal suggestion that you bookmark this blog and visit here frequently.

A bit more broadly, it expands on the anthropomorphic bias in the opening phrase, beloved of hackers and others with an activist critique of what the capitalists call “intellectual property rights.“ The point is to encourage the use of the internet and blogosphere to spread facts, analysis and views that can help folk carry on the struggle, or maybe just make it through the day.

In that spirit, please help yourself to these slogans. Who knows? Maybe they'll be transmuted into folk wisdom.

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